About Me

Asking me where I’m from is probably a bad decision if you don’t have time to sit down over some coffee.

I was born in Goiânia, a city about three hours away from the Brazilian capital Brasília. I moved around pretty often, having lived in four different cities in Brazil by the time I was 9. I moved to the United States for two years shortly after turning 9, and that just added a whole other twist to life. I remember my mom handing me an atlas and showing me where we were going and all I could say was wow that's a long car ride. Little did I know this sudden realization of a huge world out there would be defining me in every way possible.

I felt inspired to learn as much as I could about the world. I developed a passion for Asian cultures, particularly Japanese. Through music, books and TV shows I've been teaching myself Japanese for about nine years now. Along the way I've picked up some basic understanding of a couple other languages. I also lived in Sudan for a year during high school, and with my parents residing in Ecuador during my college years, one can only imagine the cultural mess in my head.

This variety of perspectives allows me to be a very open-minded and adaptable person, ready and excited to mesh into a new environment and make the most out of it. A perfectionist, I like to dive into new information, and become an expert in it. This is reflected in my design thought and work processes, where I conceptualize solutions from various points of view and fully immerge myself in my projects to create something exceptional.

I currently live in New York City.