Carolina Barbosa
A product designer in New York.
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Kargo Demo Site

Preview and share Kargo’s best ad units in a simple mobile-first experience.



Kargo is a mobile advertising and technology company based in New York City that serves high-quality ads in premium digital publications.

The demo site showcases its latest and greatest ad units to stakeholders, current clients, potential clients and internal staff. It’s used in sales pitches, presentations, press releases and ad conferences. The demo site is—for many—their first point of contact with Kargo. Its design was outdated and in desperate need of a face lift.

How can we revamp the design to provide an on-brand experience for new and returning users of the demo site?


We interviewed members of Kargo sales, publishing, account managers and directors, and ad design teams to get an understanding of the current feedback they had on the demo site.

Key takeaways:

  • There are multiple demo sites created for different purposes and pitches.
  • Team members have access to edit which demos are displayed on the demo sites.
  • Used on a weekly and sometimes daily basis by team members.
  • Multiple uses: from pitching new ad units to current clients to trying to close a new publisher deal.
  • Great for interactivity in meetings and supplementing presentations.
  • Users often open it on desktop, but are encouraged to look on their phones.
  • If shown to higher-ups in a company, we’re only getting about 10 seconds of their time.

There was no team solely dedicated to this product, so the main pain points were that it needed to be as simple and low-maintenance as possible.


    Brainstorm and Explorations


    Sketches of interface ideas


    My goals for this redesign were better navigation, easy implementation, easy to share, eliminate unwanted elements, and maintain consistency with Kargo’s branding.


    Bringing sketches to the computer and applying brand colors, imagery and iconography


    I prototyped different options to share with the department stakeholders. (See a prototype here.)

    For the desktop view, implementing a “Share via SMS” and a “Share via Email” allowed the users to quickly send out a link directly from the page.



    The result was a bright and clean interface, with smooth animations to guide the user.


    Category Pages

    For the multiple sections, a touch of personalization with Kargo's bold marketing imagery in each header.


    Desktop view


    Sharing via SMS and e-mail easily available, but also tucked away in the corner to not distract from the phone view.


    Closing Remarks

    Project scoping, managing, researching, designing. This project required me to wear many hats. To be so involved in a project from start to finish is very fulfilling to me. It hasn't been easy as resources to work on this project are low due to other priorities for the product team at the moment, but being able to work with some of the marketing aesthetics was a nice break from my usual product design.

    The new demo site is currently under development, with an expected launch in end of Q3 2018.


    Product Designer: Carolina Barbosa
    Product Manager: Ben Raifman
    Developers: Christian Tate, Benjamin Zhang