Carolina Barbosa
A product designer in New York.

Soucie Identity

Soucie Accessories Identity

Soucie is a hair accessory company for children, with a focus on girls. Unlike most hair accessory companies for young girls that are very pink, sparkly, and princess-like, Soucie focuses on a more sophisticated and delicate style to fit all girls.

Soucie Hair Accessories would be sold in department stores such as Macy's, Walmart and Target, at its own boutique and also online on its own website. These inexpensive accessories would allow for a broad market regardless of income and education.

The identity is very delicate and uses an iconic 'peeking girl' as its logo, which is customizable to various hair colors and accessories. The peeking girl not only showcases the variety in products sold by Soucie, but also its message of suiting any and every girl.

The packaging resembles a little handbag so a little girl herself could carry it around.

Soucie has a smartphone app, with which anyone can make their own version of the Soucie peeking girl logo, and also discover its products in doing so.

Lastly, there is also a website that serves as its online store. I designed and coded four pages of the website to show how it'd look and function. I coded using HTML, CSS, and JQuery plugins. This website was created with three CSS stylesheets that are set to randomly change the color scheme upon switching and refreshing pages.